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R hythm is fundamental to our experience as humans. Every culture in every time has used it as a basic form of communication for both the sacred and secular. Rhythm is not just the beat and pulse that you tap to in music- it can be found in all the patterns, cycles, and infinite ways we divide up time in our world. It is in the beating of our hearts, the movement of our walk, and the cycle of the seasons. Perhaps more importantly, it is in the ways we talk and relate to one another. The cadence of our words and the rhythm of our body language provide the foundations for our interactions with each other as humans beings. Through rhythm and music we have the potential to grow our relationships with each other and the divine.

Matt's worships provide a dynamic and varied experience of rhythm's enduring power to teach us about ourselves and each other. When the congregation is wrapped up in the sounds of the drum, fully absorbed in the readings or moved to their feet by inspired group rhythm-making, there is a magic that happens... community is cultivated. Matt's worships allow the participants to feel the congregation as a community of music makers, working, playing, and tapping into something that truly brings a feeling of wholeness to those gathered in this spirit of profound worship.

Whether participating as a guest musician or leading the service from beginning to end, Matt's vision, talent, experience, and absolute love for music inspire congregants to a new relationship with each other, with the divine and with music.