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Drumming & Spirituality Workshop

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Matt's "Drumming and Spirituality" workshop is a chance for people of all skill levels to participate in hands on rhythm-making. The workshop includes instruction on basic technique, as well as information on the origins of percussion instruments from around the world. Participants will also experience the spirituality of community music-making through stories, games and discussions as well as look at how rhythm and music intersect with Unitarian Universalist values. Bring your own drum if you have one, for those who don't, enough will provided. (1.5 hours)

Moving Music Forward

Blurring the Line Between Participation and Performance.

Music has the ability to engage our hearts and bodies together in an integrated worship experience. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the role of music in transformative worship.

Participants will gain skills for expanding the role of the choir, instrumentalists and worship leaders to create a more holistic service. We’ll look into the process of creative collaboration for designing new elements of worship that engage the congregation and deepen our experience of the holy. (1-1.5 hours)

Rhythm for Choir

Rhythm for Choir is an energetic, fully participatory workshop designed to help choirs better understand rhythm in the mind, body, and spirit. With Matt’s guidance, the choir will explore the theories and practices of West African, South Indian and European perspectives on rhythm. Using song, body percussion and a few instruments to help us out, participants gain a more holistic comprehension of rhythm’s function in the brain, as well as in the body.

After venturing into odd time signatures, syncopation, and polyrhythms we’ll come back home to the repertoire at hand with a newfound confidence and depth of understanding. Rhythm for Choir is an essential workshop for any chorus looking to explore world music or just to improve their accuracy and feel for reading the notes on the page. (1 hour)